Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Dave messes around on Youtube: a Christmas tale

I spent Christmas eve at my Dad's. He has broadband Internet access, so I took advantage of the opportunity to engage in some bandwidth-heavy video viewing. I was looking at music stuff on Youtube.

I started off looking at some older footage. This was almost all lip-synch performances from variety or music shows. Notable:
Dee Dee Sharp - "Mashed Potato" - Never had much of an interest in footware, but I have to say - white go-go boots - I approve. :)
Leslie Gore - "Sunshine and Lollipops" - One B&W clip, one color (different performances of the song). I was disappointed. The B&W footage was all screwed up and basically unwatchable. The color clip was the performance of the song from the movie Ski Party. Ithink I have a copy of that movie someplace, so watching the clip on the net was basically a waste of time.

I watched a few more clips from the same era, then went after clips from this very decade. My favorite Japanese band, Judy and Mary. (I have no idea where the name comes from. Yes they have a female vocalist, but her name is [I think] Yumi.) Probably watched 10-12 clips of this band, both videos and live.

Back in time again, for Sweet. The first clip was a lipsynch. During the whole thing the vocalist stands with his hands akwardly on his hips, and occasionally punctuates a phrase by pointing. 'Boy, this gut must have been nervous to be so stiff.' The next clip was concert footage, and guess what? Hands on hips, occasional pointing. Apparently that is just how he performed.

Next, similar time frame (70ish), we had The Runaways with "School Days". Fun to see that. I didn't know Joan Jett did vocals (at least sometimes) with that band though. Thought that was handled by ... that person in that movie .. Cheri something ... well, *I* know what I'm thinking of here.

The Runaways got me thinking about Joan Jett, which got me to the 80s, which got me to the Go-gos, which got me to a Belinda Carlisle video.

... which naturally got me looking for early/mid 80s hardcore/punk/whatever. Found some great footage of 7 Seconds (and others, but mostly 7 Seconds). Unfortunately, most of it was from the last few years. But the SONGS were from what is to me back in the day. Even still, seeing that footage made me feel 15 again. In the intro to "Young Untill I Die" Kevin (Seconds, the vocalist, look up his myspace page) says something about hardcore being for the young, even though we are much older now.

I'm not sure that is exactly what was said, but it does sort of sum up how I view being in my 30s. I've just been young longer than the youngsters.

"This flame will keep on burning strong."

That's from another mid-80s hardcore song. Have fun figuring out where. :)

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