Sunday, January 21, 2007

Annoyances II

Watched The Buddy Holly Story yesterday. One part of this film annoys me to no end.

There is an establishing shot of the location of Holly's last show. The sign on the venue says Clear Lake Auditorium.

Taint no such beast. The venue was the Surf Ballroom. Changing the name served no discernable purpose. The film has the same inaccuracies as any biopic (why let truth get in the way of the story), but this detail screams out "this is fiction!" and was easily avoidable.

A related annoyance is that the plane Holly was in is always said to have crashed 'near Clear Lake Iowa'. And it did. But look at a map. Closer to Fertile, innit?

The crash site is considered to be in Clear Lake proper, even though I would say it is in the country, around Fertile. I guess 'near Clear Lake' is just easier to say.

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