Monday, January 22, 2007


Hey! Another list. Something a little wightier is in the works, so I'm keping things light and happy now.

And what could be more light and happy than giant monsters from Japan. Here are my top 5:

5: Space Godzilla

Gets on the list because in a world of cheese, SG ha the cheesiest origin. See, cells from Godzilla made there way into space (via either Mothra or Biolante), fell into a black hole, and out of the white hole (?) it was connected to emerged Space Godzilla. Huh?

4: Gamera

He's a turtle, he flies, and flame comes out of his ... leg holes. Is it really necessary to say more?

3: King Ghidora

Imagine a chimera, only with two heads that just kind of flop around while the third actually moves 'realistically'. He flies too, but relies on wings rather than flaming legholes like Gamera.

2: Mothra

Pretty good for a bug, huh? I like Mothra's power of flight: wings that beat,oh, 10 times a minute and still the bug zips around like an F15.

1: Godzilla

The first, the greatest, just not in the AWFUL TriStar picture.

Rankings are based on how much I like each creature, not something fannish like who could beat who in a fight. What do I look like, some kind of geek?

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