Saturday, January 20, 2007

Son of 30 songs from the 80s: Day 2 (11-20)

20 - "Nasty Girl" -Vanity 6

From the album Vanity 6. Probably disowned now by Vanity (she's not nasty any more.) Vanity 6 is on the whole a more listenable album than Appolonia 6, even though I prefer Appolonia as a vocalist.

19 - "O Superman (For Massinet)" - Laurie Anderson

I love Laurie Anderson as a performer, but this really generates the question "how did this end up charting?" Must have been the light-up mouth piece. One of several songs on this list I was first exposed to on Night Flight.

18 - "Laws Of Success" - Willpower

Another slot, another performance artist, another song I first saw on Night Flight.

17 - "People Who Died" - Jim Carrol Band

I can't remember if I actually was aware of this song in the 80s proper, but here it is.

16 - "Come On Eileen" - Dexy's Midnight Runners

Great song, but does it have to be on seemingly EVERY 80s hit compilation?

15 - "Method To Our Madness" - Lords of the New Church

This band did a great, sloppy cover of "Like A Virgin". Maybe that version is the reason the cover in Moulin Rouge actually causes me physical pain.

14 - "Monster" - Fred Schneider

Again, Night Flight is to blame.

13 - "This Is Radio Clash" - The Clash

My favorite Clash song, which is saying a lot given the competition. 20 or so years, and I'm still not sure exactly where this saw first release.

12 - "Nemesis" - Shriekback

Parthenogenesis. And the scansion of the lyrics is maintained!

11 - "Man In Motion (St Elmo's Fire)" - John Parr

Means a lotmore to me now than it did back then. Have I mentioned my affection for brat pack movie soundtracks? This sounds like a song Parr had going, and someone said "sounds great John, couild you just add the name of the movie?"

Tomorrow: we strut, run, sample, fade, and reveal our threat level.

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