Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Puree II

More this 'n' that ...

I'm starting to get more of a handle on pre-chilli eastern spicing. I may have been too dismissive of black pepper. Still no source with a definative answer, though. Anyone who makes the claim anything can be found on the 'net has apparently not tried to find this. Or a source for imported Japanese energy drinks. I've found some, but can't be more than scraping the surface.

Doing hit tracking on this blog is fun! Just need hits from Austrailia and Africa and I have all 6 regularly inhabited continents.

One of my future posts will be a commentary track to all my previous entries.

The oft-mentioned oft-delayed 'Passions (not the soap opera)' entry is yet again delayed. For reasons that will be apparent two criteria have to be fulfilled: 1) I should already be in a bad mood so as to not ruin a good one and 2) it should be a Wednesday.

By this time next week I should have 'Thunk 1:Sharky's Day' up. Thunk: I think and I think until finally I've thunk. An umbrella for the thinking about the big issues I earlier claimed not to do too much. For a head start on what this could possibly be about watch Home of the Brave.

Five tons of flax!

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