Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bride of Son of 30 Songs from the 80s: Day 2 (11-20)

20 - "Take Me Home Tonight" - Eddie Money

Just like Ronnie say ...

19- "Radio Radio" - Elvis Costello

Even better on SNL. He wasn't supposed to play this. He did anyway.

18 - "New Song" - Howard Jones

Somehow this got airplay on MTV before it was included on an album.

17 - "Goody Two Shoes" - Adam and the Ants

Ever notice the physical resemblance between Adam Ant and Billy Crystal? SOMEBODY has to think about this stuff.

16 - "Mexican Radio" - Wall of Voodoo

One of the cool things about the eighties is that material like this was considered commercially viable.

15 - "Sexcrime (1984)" - The Eurythymics

Another track from a movie soundtrack.

14 - "Holy Diver" - Dio

My favorite fact about Ronnie (different Ronnie than in #20 up there) is that he used to front a band called Elf. Be funnier if the band was called Hobbit or something, but it is still pretty funny.

13 - "She Blinded Me With Science" - Thomas Dolby


12 - "Whisper to a Scream (Birds Fly)" - Icicle Works

Originally titled "Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream)", but the record company that released it felt that was too confusing and reversed it.

11 - "Goodbye To You" - Scandal

Patty Smith (no, not Patti. Different person) has a really nice voice.

And with that we say goodbye to day two ...

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