Tuesday, January 2, 2007


Lists are fun. They are good conversation starters and best when you think they are ALMOST correct, if only they would have put this entry higher, included that entry ....

Generally, lists of 'most attractive female celebs' tend to be questionable (ignoring the issue of whether possible at all). askmen.com is collecting votes in 3 catagories - actress, model, and singer. I was impressed that 2-3 Bollywood celebs and a similar number of asian (mostlly HK) celebs are available to vote for. Often lists like this are entirely caucasian Americans and Brits with a few Aussies or whatever. A half dozen that reflect the fact that not everyone follows Western celebs is a small but welcome number. Personally, my vote would go to Ashawarya Rai, a Bollywood actress/model whose first name I probably mangled.

'Greatest song' lists are easier to make an argument for actually having a shot at relevance. I ran across a list of '200 Greatest Songs of the 60s' at pitchfork.com. In some ways a mixed bag. Definate trying for 'hipness', and a tendancy to include songs based on future accomplishments of the singer. Yes, the Jackson 5 included a member who helped define pop music ... eventually ... but did they really do the 2nd greatest song of the 60s? Glad to see on the list:

"96 Tears"
"I Fought The Law"
"I Wanna Be Your Dog"

to pick a few often left off such lists. Among the things I would have included:

"House of the Rising Sun" (Animals)
"Remember (Walking In The Sand)"

See what I mean about lists starting conversations? I could go on and on tweaking ...

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