Friday, January 26, 2007

Bride of Son of 30 Songs From the 80s: Day 1 (21-30)

30 - "Surf Or Die" - Surf MCs

When I'd go to shows at First Avenue, they would show videos on a screen at the front of the room before the bands on the bill played. This was video was part of that, even though the surf/rap mix was usually out of step with the bands actually performing. I have this on vinyl!

29 - "Love On Your Side" - Thompson Twins

Not twins. And there were three in the band. This song is before they got all love-songy.

28 - "My Beach" - Surf Punks

Up there we had surf/rap, this is surf/punk (thus the name of the band). Actually, surf had plenty of influence on punk, musically. Witness the guitar intro to "Holiday In Cambodia".

27 - "We Don't Need Another Hero" - Tina Turner

Aaaagh! Mental whiplash going from 28 to 27! Theme song from Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome. Unlike "St Elmo's Fire", the movie's title actually fits in the song.

26 - "Jeanny" - Falco

Urrgh! Falco on my list! Next thing you know Taco will show up ...

25 - "Puttin' On The

Just kidding.

25 - "No Sleep Til Brooklyn" - Beastie Boys

So how do three white guys become one of the most highly regarded hip-hop acts? By writing songs like this.

24 - "The Glamorous Life" - Shiela E

Did I mention I listened to a lot of Prince releated stuff?

23 - "Ghost In You" - Psychedelic Furs

This is a great make-out song.

22 - "Sun City" - Artists United Against Apartheid

Get the album if you can find it. BOTH edits of "Sun City", a jazz session, Gil Scott Heron, and a version of "Silver and Gold" FAR superior to the one U2 put on Rattle and Hum.

21 - "Cars" - Gary Numan

Used in the bumpers on VH1 80s retrospectives. One of those songs people don't know they know, but they know it.

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