Thursday, January 4, 2007

Ice capades

If there was any doubt, know ye this: winter can stink when you have mobility issues.

The other day was warm (upper 30s, almost 15 degrees above average!). The day before it had snowed, pretty much encasing my car in the white stuff. While I was at work that snow melted, and it refroze before it was time to go home. So I get out to my car after work and it is surrounded by a circle of ice. Had I been looking to skate or something it would have been beautiful ice - glossy, flat. But I didn't want to skate - I wanted to get in my car. Wound up skating after a fashion anyway.

I started off OK. Got my walker mostly in the back seat. Then it happened. I began what was quite possibly the longest slip-on-the-ice I've ever experienced. Had total control the entire time, except for remaining vertcal. Wound up sitting on the ground by my car. No injuries - like I said, total control. But now I was BESIDE my car when I really wanted to be INSIDE it. 20-30 minutes of struggle followed, where I learned just how slick that ice was.

I did manage to get in my car, though, and was able to return home. I THOUGHT I'd escaped without injury, but apparently I used muscles I don't ordinarily use while crawling/sliding, because today my left leg just doesn't want me to put weight on it. Or maybe it has nothing to do with playing figure skater. I called in to work so I can rest it. It stinks - ready and willing to go to work this morning, just a little matter of not being able to get around! If I could just teleport in ala-Bewitched I would, 'cause this is D-U-L-L.

At least if I were more traditionally sick, I'd feel better about missing a day of work.

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