Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Sushi and sashimi are not synonyms.

Soy sauce amd tamari are not synonyms. (A little complicated, this one, since shoyu is sometimes marketed as tamari.)

The word 'utilize' serves no useful purpose. Notice I said *useful* purpose. What extra shade of meaning do the extra two syllables provide?

Why do some cars honk their horns when you close the door after turning the ignition off?

One sentence: shut up and drive.

No one wants to hear your half of a phone conversation while you are out in public.

When writing SF or fantasy, you are not given license to have things happen for no good reason. If strangeness ensues, it should follow from whatever ground rules have been set out.

It is OK to write as if you are text messaging when you are text messaging. Otherwise, don't.

They're called capitals and punctuation. Use as needed.

Vegetarians, BY DEFINITION, do not eat chicken. Or fish.

Just a few of my pet peeves. Nothing that keeps me awake at night worrying, but still annoying.

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